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Word of the Day: Obsequious


I feel like I haven’t posted a “word of the day” in years! Today’s word is one I like.

Obsequious uh b-see-kwee-uh s:

1. characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning.

2. servilely compliant or deferential.

3. obedient; dutiful.


1. He gave an obsequious nod to his supperior.

2. She had always been an obsequious wife, until she wasn’t anymore.

Word of the Day: Abrasive

This word is for those of you who are dealing with the unpleasant.

Abrasive [uhbrey-siv, -ziv] (adj.) :

tending to annoy or cause ill will; overly aggressive.


Abrasive comments on my posts will be marked as spam,” she wrote in the bio of her blog.

How would you handle an abrasive follower?