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Stubborn Words


Think you know too many “stubborn words”? Well, I have a few for you to add to your list.



1. unmoved by persuasion, pity, or emotion; stubborn, unyielding.

2. stubbornly resistant to moral influence.


He was obdurateand cantankerous, but there was one thing that could break him.


Obstinate [ob-stuh-nit] (adj.):

1. firmly adhering to ones ideas; unyielding to argument.

2.   characterized by an inflexible attitude.


No matter how much sense her parents tried to put into her, Emily was obstinate.


Inexorable [in-ek-ser-uh-buhl] (adj.):

1. unyielding; unaltered.

2. not to be moved, persuaded, or affected by prayers or entreaties.


One inexorable rule of leading a positive life is to rid yourself of negative-minded people.


Got any more stubborn words? Share them with me!

Words that Make You Weak

Today I bring you three words designed to make you weaker.

Debilitate [dih-bil-i-teyt] (verb):

to make weak or feeble.


Excessive use of adverbs will debilitate your writing.

Emaciate [ih-mey-shee-eyt] (verb):

to make abnormally lean or thin by wasting away flesh.


Yes, he fed her. He fed her the food infused with poison, to strengthen then emaciate her, till there was no hope of her survival.

Etiolate [ee-tee-uh-leyt] (verb):

1. to cause (a plant) to wither or grow white by excluding light.

2. to cause to become weak and sickly; drain of color and vigor.


The curtains had an etiolated, square spot where the sun penetrated from the window in the afternoon and ate its way through the curtain’s soft fabric.

Word of the Day: Cantankerous


I have been busy for a while writing for new stories and poems. Have you missed me? 🙂

I am back for a little while and have brought a few new words, posts, and encouraging quotes with me. Today’s word is a difficult one to deal with.

Cantankerous [kan-tang-ker-uhs] (adj.):

disagreeable to deal with, contentious, peevish.


As cantankerous as he was, his friends couldn’t imagine arranging a gathering without him.

Word of the Day: Contrite


Glad to be back after a few days away. I’m afraid I was terribly ill this past week. Even when the weather was hot, apparently, I should not have worn my summer clothes as my body wasn’t ready to be bear just yet. I had a fever for a couple of days, and couldn’t leave bed the whole time. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better, and I’m back to blogging with a word that describes my current feelings.

Contrite [kuhn-trahyt, kon-trahyt] (adj.):

1. caused by or showing great remorse.

2. filled by a sense of guilt and desire for atonement; penitent.


After getting a fever, I am contrite that I slipped into my summer clothes a bit too soon.

Noisy Words: Boisterous and Plangent

ImageAre you ready to make some noise? Good! Because today’s words are loud just like the summer nights ahead.

Boisterous [boi-ster-uhs, -struhs] (adj.):

1. rough and noisy; noisily jolly.

2. rough and stormy.


Anything could happen in this boisterouscity.

Plangent [plan-juhnt] (adj.):

resounding loudly, especially with a plaintive sound, like a bell.


Not caring that it was 2:00 a.m., he turned up the radio and let the plangent music fill the corners of the sleeping neighborhood.

Word of the Day: Salient



Today’s word is outstanding, so is the photo I added to go with it.

Salient [sey-lee-uhnt, seyl-yuhnt] (adj.):

1. prominent or conspicuous

2. projecting or pointing upward

3. leaping or jumping


His salient performance on his exams earned him a scholarship to an ivy league university.

Word of the Day: Wanton


Looking for another word that has the same meaning as malicious, evil or mean?

Wanton [won-tn] (adj.):

1. done maliciously or unjustifiably.

2. deliberate or without motive, provocative, uncalled-for.

3. without regard of what is right, just, humane.


I’ve had enough of your wanton pranks!

Lookalikes: Impede Vs. Impend

flat,220x200,075,tToday’s similarly written words have no similarities when it comes to meaning. I used to mix up those two words sometimes.

Impede [im-peed] (verb):

to hinder or obstruct.


My online window shopping spreeimpeded my work on my graduation.

Impend [im-pend] (verb):

1. to be imminent or about to happen.

2. to threaten or menace.


I summoned all my energy and focus as the deadline to my graduation project impended.

Word of the Day: Loiter

master procrastinorToday’s word provides an accurate description of my relationship with my graduation project.

Loiter  [loi-ter] (verb):

1. linger aimlessly.

2. move in a slow, idle manner.

3. to waste time, or dawdle over work.


I loitered away my mornings, afternoons, and evenings between snacks, naps, and web browsing, doing everything but the things that needed to be done.

Stay tuned for a lovely poem as a guest post by my cousin Aya Nehme, in a few minutes 🙂