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This Time-Management Tip Will Help You Get Things Done

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Ronnie Custer: I Cannot Think of Failures: The Way to Success

Enjoy this guest post from Ronnie.

The way to success

I Cannot Think of Failures: The Way to Success

The key to attaining success is to first understand what the word actually means. Success does not mean making an obscene amount of money. Nor does it mean becoming famous. There are several aspect of a person’s life. These include the self, family, friends, work, community, mankind, environment, material things, and spirituality. For some individuals it may be less than those that are mentioned above and for some it may be more. True success lies in a balance of all these aspect. When an individual concentrates only on one area then he will lose control of the others. For instance those who are workaholics will lose their family. It is clearly a very difficult task because if it were easy then everybody would have been successful.

Positive thinking has helped me tremendously. Over the course of the past few years I have been able to slowly change my line of work to one that is much closer to my heart. The job that I had earlier was one that I had taken up in my quest for more money. Even though I earned a lot of money, my life seemed empty. I realized that this was not the life that I wanted. I did a lot of thinking and decided to take the plunge. I must admit that for a few months there were many negative thoughts in my mind and I nearly decided to scrap my plan of a career change. My family and my circle of friends encouraged me greatly; they were able to infuse a certain level of positivity in my thought process. This really made a great of difference.

My advice to you is to think positive. It is easier said than done. But think about it this way: most of the greatest things that have happened in this world have begun as a small thought in an individual`s mind; it is only after that thought was supplemented by action that it became a reality. The idea in your mind might well be the next big thing for humanity. So if you develop any negative thoughts just refuse to let such thoughts into your mind. Trust me such thoughts will only lead you to lethargy. Replace the negative ideas in you head it with positive ones. You cannot afford to do otherwise. Focus on the final outcome and work towards it. Most of the obstacles that you face will not be from outside but from within. So think positive!

You must also try to infuse positivity in your life. Read inspiring books, watch movies that make you happy, engage in physical activity, and most importantly surround you with people who have a positive attitude to life. Humans are social beings. Surround yourself with people who encourage you and infuse your mind with positivity; they will be able to give you the support you need. I was lucky in that aspect. I had good friends and a supportive family. To sum up, success is not about money or fame. It is about looking back at your memories and being able to smile at them. Nothing leads to success like positive thought. So think positive and you will succeed.

Author bio:

Ronnie Custer is concentrated on writing both academic and non-academic cases for the past several years which in actual fact assisted him to gain knowledge a great deal in writing grading assignments for all sorts of students. So far, as a result of his vast experience in writing industry, he worked with different services that assist in dissertation writing as well.


What does success mean to you?



Book Review: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


4.5 Stars

Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is one of the groundbreaking books in terms of our understanding of the culture of the rich and successful. In his book, Gladwell analysis the cultural, economical, physical, and even astronomical implications of the success stories in today’s world.

With his intelligent, well researched, factual piece, Gladwell provides the reader with answers to why certain people make it in this world. By providing examples about the extremely successful and the not so much, he explains in thorough details the obvious, yet overlooked, aspects which contribute to the success or, otherwise, failure of certain individuals.

This book is not a pathway-to-success handbook, nor is it a motivational narrative of people who rose from nothing and amounted to something great. On the contrary, it feel pessimistic, at times – I had to put the book down for a few days, at a certain point, before I was able to resume reading. But I did resume reading, eventually, because no matter how tough the facts in the book were, I was nodding in agreement with every sentence.

Gladwell is unapologetic, he will tell the truth like it is. And the truth is that smart doesn’t equal successful and, most of the time, the poor will remain poor while the rich will continue to grow wealthier. Gladwell provides reasons for this, however; reasons which, when acknowledged, can be avoided.

If you can’t handle the truth, or don’t like to challenge the status quo, then this book is not for you. However, if you are one of those people who don’t mind taking a second opinion, you will find Outliers very entertaining. A documentary of success, this book is nothing short of a paradigm shifter accompanied with a wake up call.