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Should You Read American Gods by Neil Gaiman?

In addition to writing tips, I also post book reviews on my new blog http://www.mbkeen.com/

Check out my review of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, a bestselling, sci-fi, fantasy novel that was turned into a series on STARZ. http://www.mbkeen.com/american-gods/

Also, stay tuned, because I’m starting a bookclub! Let me know if you’d want to join. I’ll be on the look out for fun and thought-provoking reads, suggestions are welcome. Have a great week!

How Long Should It Take You to Write a Story

Crafting the perfect story is a delicate and time-consuming art. But how much time exactly should it take you to finish writing your story? Read my take on this subject: https://mbkeen.com/long-write-story/