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Confused Words: Seize vs Cease



A few days ago, I asked a friend to read a story I wrote. I had edited the story over ten times, yet failed to spot a fatal mistake. I have misplaced the word seized with ceased, twice! So today, I’m helping you, and myself, never forget the difference.

Seize [seez] (verb):

1. to take hold by force; grasp.

2. to grasp mentally.

3. to take possession or control by suddenly laying hold.


Panic seized the crowd when the lights in the theater went out.

Cease [sees] (verb):

1. to stop or discontinue; to come to an end.

2. to pass away; die out.


I was about to walk into my house when I ceased . Something was staring at me from my bedroom window.

I noticed that the sentences I write as examples can well serve as writing prompts. So I suggest you pick one, write a story — no longer than 500 words — about it, and send it to me on the email I posted on “Contact me” page. I will pick the ones I like the most, post them and link back to the bloggers. Start writing! 🙂