Writer’s Struggle

How is your writing going this holiday vacation? I’m pretty much torn between my desire to sleep and urge to finish my screenplay.


10 thoughts on “Writer’s Struggle”

  1. I get the same feeling. And then find myself on the other end of a video game bender, 72 hours later, exhausted; wondering if this means I’m never going to make it. Then I crash and sleep. Wake up. Go back to my day job as a zombie. Take a deep breath, and write a zombie short story or an essay or something and then get back to the writer’s grind.

  2. I have to write queries and it’s the one part of writing I dislike. Feels like I’m fishing when I should have brought a hot air balloon. But not today – dealing with bronchitis – yuck. At least you can’t catch it over the blog.

  3. I used to take a writing hiatus every December, but due to an important deadline this year I’ve been forcing myself to work. You just gotta get to it, or figure out time for later. šŸ™‚

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