Pros and Cons of Being a Full-Time Writer 

So I’ve been struggling with the idea of getting a job since my writing doesn’t pay the bills yet. I’m a perpetual seeker of unemployment, for it’s way more exciting for me to be a full-time writer. But being a writer without a job can be challenging, especially early on in one’s career. Here’s a list I created of the pros and cons of being a full-time writer.


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19 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Being a Full-Time Writer ”

  1. I was reading these out to my husband and he started laughing at the last one. Then we began to talk about something else and he just randomly says to me, “Are you going to write a book or are you just going to stay on social media reading about the pros and cons of writing a book?” *dies*

    (for the record, no I am not writing a book. I write stories… or try to. >.>;; )

  2. Writing reminds of the famous letter sent to the Bullwalker people:

    “Dear Sirs, the BW arrived in excellent condition and in good time six months ago and I’ve used it religiously every day. Please now send the muscles …”

  3. I have a job, but currently seem to spend more of my spare time stitching than writing…Need to work on that…

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