8 thoughts on “Writing Trouble”

  1. writing world is difficult ………your mind will traveling around the world of imaginations

  2. For some reason I don’t get that, even if I’ve grown to love my characters. In one book I had my series main character seriously injured (it affected her for the rest of the book), and I was grinning the whole time I wrote it.

  3. I recently finished a novel draft where one of the characters died. Unusual for me — the death I deal with has usually already happened. It was really hard knowing I was going to have to kill off this guy.

  4. I’ve been there. I know exactly how this feels. My editor told me once, “I can tell how much you like your MC by how much you protect him. Now start throwing rocks.” So I did. My daughter couldn’t figure out why I was crying at my computer while I was typing.

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