Writing Process Blog Meme

Thank you, Esther, for the nomination 🙂 🙂


Last week, fellow blogger, Sherri Matthews nominated me to take part in a Writing Process Blog Meme. As she explained this is where I answer four questions and nominate three other bloggers to continue the process. I haven’t taken part in anything like this before, but Sherri’s writing and blog have always inspired me, so how could I refuse? If you have time, do visit her website. Her journey, as well as her writing is amazing.

Here are my answers:

1. What am I working on at the moment?

Oooh, where do I start? I’m always working on lots of things. I’m just finishing a commissioned article for The Cat magazine. I write about all sorts of quirky things related to cats. This particular article was about little known cat fables from around the world. The research was great fun.

My book of short stories is due out on the…

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2 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Meme”

  1. Margaret – Thank you for following me – I look forward to reading some of your posts – I am especially interested in hearing what you have to sty about cats! I am a fellow cat lover – once hired to be a lion trainer using just affection training(in another lifetime).

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