The End

Today, I achieved something great. I typed “The End” on the first draft of a manuscript. Just to be clear, this is not my memoir that I am talking about. In fact, one of the main reasons I didn’t want to begin writing my memoir is because I was still working on this novel, which is the first book of a trilogy.

What is amazing about this novel is that I had not only applied all the lessons I learned throughout my journey in writing to it, but also that it echoed with the tension, drama, and emotions from my personal life, upbringing, societal background, and current situation. It is one of the projects that lingered in my head for a long time before I started it. It grew inside me and consumed the nutrients in my brain, just like a child would. And when it was ready to emerge, it put me through a long and tedious labor. But the result was worth it. And even though it’s going to take a lot of editing and polishing before it’s ready to be presented to people, I know that a large weight was lifted off my shoulders.


There is a strange feeling I have about this novel. I was actually happier when I finished this book than I was when I finished writing my first novel back in March. Mainly, I believe this happened because I got more involved emotionally with this project.

My life lately was filled with turmoil and agony. But I always told myself that I cannot make excuses when it comes to writing, that’s not what professionals do. No matter what happens in my life, I sit on my computer and type word after word, pouring my heart on the blank paper, smudging those emotions with my hands and soiling my face with them.

The first book I wrote still sits in my virtual drawer, waiting for me to find the will to edit it. However, this book will not miss me for too long. This is a book I want to polish to perfection. It’s a book I would be proud to present to an agent and, most importantly, a reader. Here I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who have been following my journey. You give me so much strength and your support means the world.

Thank you!


Now, I’m off to have a glass of celebratory wine. Cheers πŸ™‚

30 thoughts on “The End”

  1. My goodness, what a wonderful accomplishment – I’m so happy you’re proud of this book! “The End” is perhaps one of the best phrases in the world… after, of course, “once upon a time”. πŸ˜‰ Cheers to you! xx

  2. I am proud of you. It is not easy facing the challenges of life especially at the level you have to. But you have determined to continue moving forward anyway. That, most of all, is the most impressive to me and should be commended. Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations! It is always such a relief to have that mental space a novel consumes back–until it takes it over again in the editing. πŸ™‚ I’m very happy for you. Writing multiple projects at once can’t be easy.

  4. Congrats!!! That is an awesome accomplishment. I wrote my first book back in the late 80s but never had it published, lost the will to publish it and eventually scrapped it altogether – haha! Now, with the prospect looming before me again, I am unsure where to start again. But you!! Two novels in a year? Very impressive! The end. xx Mother Hen

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