9 thoughts on “Book Quotes: Lord of the Flies”

  1. I am reading author and fellow-blogger Esther Newton’s collection of short stories entitled ‘Seige and Other Award Winning Stories’ – and enjoying the collection very much.

  2. This book hasn’t stayed with me forever. It’s a TV program. For instance, the characters are the same throughout. Fat Kid: If a fat kid is put on an island, for two months or four months, however long the kids were on the island (certainly time passes and it’s longer than a week), fat kid would lose weight and become skinny kid.
    But in a TV program Fat Kid remains always as a fat kid.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that. I don’t know about the tv show, but you can’t go from being fat to skinny in a week. You certainly will lose weight, but not enough to make you skinny. In the book, the weight isn’t really discussed, maybe the director should’ve showed Piggy loosing wight. But maybe his loss of weight, or lack thereof, is an indication of the time that has passed. Lost a little weight = a little time passed.

      1. I agree that little loss of weight = little time. But think of the action within the book. The time is closer to six to ten weeks.
        The story doesn’t say so. It is completely devoid of any time markers. But the boy’s clothes would not fray within a week.
        Not all the friendships and alliances would happen within a week.
        I didn’t think the book was honest and accurate. It was a TV show.

  3. Ord of the Flies is one of those books that stays with you forever. For me, some others are Beloved,
    The Confessions of Nat Turner, The Member of the Wedding…. Right now I’m reading The Quick, just finished The Miniaturist.

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