Word of the Day: Abrasive

This word is for those of you who are dealing with the unpleasant.

Abrasive [uhbrey-siv, -ziv] (adj.) :

tending to annoy or cause ill will; overly aggressive.


Abrasive comments on my posts will be marked as spam,” she wrote in the bio of her blog.

How would you handle an abrasive follower?

8 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Abrasive”

  1. This is quite interesting and I agree with the commentor who said they might get some comments that way! Me too !

  2. Love the photo you used and I actually had one not too long ago who called me some rather mean names and said I needed mental evaluation…. LOL at first I approved it and tried to respond to him. I have a page that speaks to my faith and I was worried I perhaps said something wrong and I wanted to talk to him about it. But as I looked I realized he was being confrontational for no reason and so I did eventually take them down. I do look and approve my comments, but I like to let people say their opinions versus just only have positive feed back if that makes any sense. Love looking at your blog though, keep it up!

    1. Yes, I agree about letting people speak out. Mostly, I don’t get many negative commenters, and I have no problem with someone disagreeing withe me. I do, however, delete aggressive words, if I ever found any. Thanks for your comment and glad to know that you’re enjoying my blog 🙂 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t mind an abrasive follower, actually. At least then I might get some comments! And it might spark me to be bit ‘f you’ and be more courageous with my words.

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