The Crawling Dead: Zombies Among Us

Hey everyone!

I hope you like the new look for my website. Any ideas?

Meanwhile, did you know that zombies are quite real? Read all about it in my article in The Dodo:

Can I count on you to spread the word?

6 thoughts on “The Crawling Dead: Zombies Among Us”

  1. I loved it. You brightened up a miserable day. Your sunshine always pushes through the dark clouds, Miss Benison. The Zombie article was informative, indeed. It was something to think about, as are your questions. And yes, I believe humans could catch a mind-manipulating parasite if certain conditions were favorable to the parasite and their environment. Too, as evolution, science and man-manipulated causes upon our environment take place, anything is possible. As science and medicine progresses, so too do disease, viruses, germs, bacteria, (resistance to antibiotics, too,) and parasites. Who knows what the future holds? What new biological organism will appear? The world population still has yet to discover all of its creatures, in remote areas such as in tropical rainforests, on land or in the sea, even in the air. Something could drop from the sky from outer space and change everything… Science fiction of today is tomorrow’s reality.

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