Words that Make You Weak

Today I bring you three words designed to make you weaker.

Debilitate [dih-bil-i-teyt] (verb):

to make weak or feeble.


Excessive use of adverbs will debilitate your writing.

Emaciate [ih-mey-shee-eyt] (verb):

to make abnormally lean or thin by wasting away flesh.


Yes, he fed her. He fed her the food infused with poison, to strengthen then emaciate her, till there was no hope of her survival.

Etiolate [ee-tee-uh-leyt] (verb):

1. to cause (a plant) to wither or grow white by excluding light.

2. to cause to become weak and sickly; drain of color and vigor.


The curtains had an etiolated, square spot where the sun penetrated from the window in the afternoon and ate its way through the curtain’s soft fabric.

4 thoughts on “Words that Make You Weak”

  1. “Excessive use of adverbs will debilitate your writing.” I like it. My vocabulary is limited. I took the lazy way out of learning in my English classes as a teen. These days, my writing pushes me to expand my vocabulary…

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