Confused Words: Ensure Vs. Insure



Today, I’m posting the differences between another set of commonly confused words.

Ensure [en-shoor, –shur]  (verb):

1. to secure, or guarantee.

2. to make secure or safe.

Note: The prefix “en” means “to cause” or “to make”.


He took all the necessary precautions to ensure that his heist would go undisturbed.

Insure [in-shoor, –shur] (verb):

1. to secure against loss of harm.

2. to secure indemnity in case of loss, or damage.

3. to issue or process an insurance policy.

Note: Think “insurance”.


The only ones who care about your health are the ones who pay to insure it.

What are some other words your are confused about?

6 thoughts on “Confused Words: Ensure Vs. Insure”

  1. I work as a writer in the Middle East, and much of my job is editing previously written work by non-native English speakers. There are times when I seriously have to sit people down and tell them that the corrections I’m making, as the English speaker, are the correct ones. These are the ones I most commonly see:

    Weather for whether.
    Loose for lose (why do people who speak English confuse these ones as well?)
    Principal and principle (although I understand why this one is confusing)

    Great post.

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