9 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Matrifocal”

  1. I would not oppose a matriarchal society and I indeed think it would create some heartfelt benefits over a patriarchy society, especially to reduce the suffering of the world’s women. I’ve seen cases (pertaining strictly to the family) to support and oppose patriarchy or matriarchy in regards to the children’s benefits.

    Children from single-mom households or were with strong mothers excelled. Children from household with weak fathers, (rather mother is present or not) including absence for work such as a CEO, sometimes produce troubled children, so it all depends on individual cases. I believe that equal–in the home and in society–sharing across the board, mom and dad both (or females and males) carrying the load and sharing responsibility produces the best family environment and children. That is not always possible, due to deaths, divorce and situation, so the sole parent has to be strong and wise.

    There are no known societies in history of matriarchy social order. That is probably because, as today, men have dominated women with brute force. Therefore Amazon Warriors are needed to equalize the playing field, but yes, women are fully capable of ruling the earth and it might just be their time to take a shot at it. You are amazing, Margaret, your writing ideas explodes in the minds of your readers. Keep those fingers to the keyboard.

  2. I reckon the world has always been heartless yet may not be were it a matrifocal society. You do know a lot of ‘words’ I notice – you couldn’t lend me some? By the way – a very fine blog indeed.

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