A Salutation Post

With over 21 pages written, I’m glad to announce that my graduation project is close to being finished. I still have to write the introduction – as I leave that for last – as well as the conclusion, not to mention the editing and the power point presentation. The main parts of the paper are finished, however; and I’m glad I finally mustered the energy to complete them.

My final project and a course on business ethics are the only things standing between me and my graduation this semester. I have a midterm exam in a few days and I’m supposed to submit my project by June. I’m fairly confident about the exam; and, although I’m still on shaky grounds in terms of the project, I believe I can make it work and get a passing grade.

The reason I have been struggling so much with my paper is because the subject is of a little interest to me. I study marketing, and the department chair suggested the topic for my paper. I decided to accept it, mainly since I found nothing else to interest me as the whole domain bores me. When I enrolled at University 6 years ago, I had no passion whatsoever for the domain I was studying. I also worked fulltime, which made it even harder for me to attend classes and pass my courses.

In the end, I needed to quit my job and become a fulltime student. Meanwhile my colleagues graduated, enrolled in a master’s program, and began to work. I did pass all of the courses I undertook last year, and finished in that year more than I had in the four years before it. My efforts in 2012-2013 have led me to have only six courses and a project left to graduate, 5 out of those courses were completed during the last semester.

I’m proud of my determination, especially in some subjects like Math. I struggled with Math for years in college, bouncing from one professor to the other, and repeating the same course sometimes twice in one year. Last year, however, not only did I pass Math, but I also got an A in both Math courses. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

It’s great to look back sometime, especially when you near the end. The road seems so long; but when you look back and see how far you’ve come, it makes it easier for you to carry on for the remaining few steps. I’m no longer pestering my conscience about not writing much these days. Once I’m done with all this, I will have all the time I need to write – or so I want to believe. Before I go back to studying, let me wish you all a great and productive day. What interesting things are you up to?


8 thoughts on “A Salutation Post”

  1. Congratulations! Considering those prior setbacks, you’ve persevered and achieved a lot. No doubt, you’ll accomplish more 🙂

  2. Congratulations on everything; you’re doing really well! I’m starting a new full time job next week so my writing time is going to go down considerably. I’m interested to see how I cope with it! Good luck with the rest of your coursework 🙂

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