Word of the Day: Salient



Today’s word is outstanding, so is the photo I added to go with it.

Salient [sey-lee-uhnt, seyl-yuhnt] (adj.):

1. prominent or conspicuous

2. projecting or pointing upward

3. leaping or jumping


His salient performance on his exams earned him a scholarship to an ivy league university.

12 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Salient”

  1. I must use this word more often… thank you.

    My granddaughter just got accepted to the University of Washington on a full scholarship… I guess her work in high school was salient.

  2. I have known this word for long, but this question just hit me. We can use salient for features, right, but is it appropriate for personalities? As in, he had a salient personality for a high school kid.
    To me, it really doesn’t sound right, hence I asked. I do hope it is not bothersome. 🙂

  3. Always have loved this word. Not too many opportunities to use it in conversation without seeming pretentious. Maybe I just need to mingle with a better class of people. 😉

      1. Thank you Margaret. I do try to make use of words I find beautiful. The problem is working them into a rhyme, or just any poem unrhymed, free verse, sometimes. 🙂

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