The Unhealthy Writer


Leading a healthy lifestyle is an essential thing for me. When I’m healthy, not only do I look better in my slim jeans, but I also write better, think better, sleep better, and feel better about myself. Last year, I started an exercise regime which consisted of me working out at least three times a week. Recently, however, I have deviated from the norm and, with swimsuit season approaching, I feel awful about it.

Ever since I started writing my novel, I no longer had much time to do anything else. My mornings revolved around writing, noons and afternoons around studying, I edited in evenings, and at nights, well, I slept. I know that the old I don’t have time excuse is invalid. However, I will say that I was unable to manage my time in such a way as to fit exercising into my daily, or three-times weekly, routine.

I still exercise; I haven’t let myself go completely. However, with the long hours sitting on a chair and typing, staying active has become more important than ever for me to keep my body, and head, in a wholesome state.

To tell you the truth, my work out schedule isn’t the only thing that was affected during the time I was writing my novel. I had two novel-writing attempts before, one of which I quit on near the end while the other didn’t even make it to the middle. I learned a lot from my experiences, and am learning every day. So when I started writing a novel for the third time, I wanted it to be a charm. I put enormous pressure on myself to finish this story, regardless of how tired I was or what it would take from me. Something was going to give. However, I’m glad that something was my waistline instead of my novel.

I’m sure as I embark on writing other novels that I will find it easier to manage my time, as finishing a novel will no longer be a ghost looming over my shoulder. For the time being, I started to get back on track, and went for walk this morning.

How does writing affect your daily routine?

11 thoughts on “The Unhealthy Writer”

  1. I’m currently trying to solve this, too. I have two part-time jobs, both sedentary, and poetry, which also keeps me sitting in front of a screen. Sure, I have time left over, but exercise is not what I want to do with it (though I know I should).

  2. It changes routine because writing is a unique activity. Nobody said it was easy. To get a novel done, screw exercise, drink if you have to, mope and be disagreeable. But get a draft out of yourself.

  3. Diet and exercise are both important. I find I “thicken out” both physically and mentally if I eat starches.

    Writing is my day, my night, my every thought. I will forget what movie I’m watching if I step out of the room – I seriously won’t know what it is – I’ve followed complete strangers in a crowded store thinking I was tagging along with my husband. I fade out whenever and wherever I can. I live in another world completely.

    I’m writing a sci-fi series. Two books done and published, three to go with extras after that. I will write until the day I die. It’s my life.

  4. I am working on a novel which is sociologists call longitudinal in nature. Every year for a few months for 10 years maybe, and see the evolution of characters over the timeline. When I write in those months, I have the exact same problems. Plus, I stop talking ( I mean zero ) in that phase so there is this urge to release. Joined this local gym with some really boring people in there- it really helped 🙂

  5. Sometimes I feel like writing as well…and sometimes just going away to a beautiful unknown place…enjoy life….but I agree…whatever the schedule it is important to look after ourselves…workout to keep one fit is important

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