Lookalikes: Impede Vs. Impend

flat,220x200,075,tToday’s similarly written words have no similarities when it comes to meaning. I used to mix up those two words sometimes.

Impede [im-peed] (verb):

to hinder or obstruct.


My online window shopping spreeimpeded my work on my graduation.

Impend [im-pend] (verb):

1. to be imminent or about to happen.

2. to threaten or menace.


I summoned all my energy and focus as the deadline to my graduation project impended.

6 thoughts on “Lookalikes: Impede Vs. Impend”

  1. Impending and Imminent – both have different connotations too. However, the meaning suits here while making a difference with the lookalike.

  2. That’s interesting use of the word impend in your sentence. It sounds wrong if I say it out loud but it really is correct. Pretty nifty, I am going to have to try using it more like that and confuse people around me. 😀

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