Word of the Day: Loiter

master procrastinorToday’s word provides an accurate description of my relationship with my graduation project.

Loiter  [loi-ter] (verb):

1. linger aimlessly.

2. move in a slow, idle manner.

3. to waste time, or dawdle over work.


I loitered away my mornings, afternoons, and evenings between snacks, naps, and web browsing, doing everything but the things that needed to be done.

Stay tuned for a lovely poem as a guest post by my cousin Aya Nehme, in a few minutes 🙂


5 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Loiter”

  1. Sounds like me right about now. The gray skies have me down and I am so lazy. Oh, well. I guess I have a right nearing 68 years of age. Never thought I would admit it to the world. ha, ha.

      1. Sometimes! But I used to be more active. Just wait til that sun comes out and the snow melts. I’ll be flinging straw on the burn pile like a 20 year old. Haha

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