ImageTyping “The End” when you finish your manuscript gives you one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. It feels as if something that seemed impossible had just materialized. It’s like when you’re reading an engaging book and it ends. Oh, no! What happens next? I want to know more. I want to follow the journey of those people forever!
Of course, every journey should come to an end at some point or the other, and the journey of my character ended today. I love the way I ended the book, leaving it open to interpretations, yet, making it easy to guess where the character would go next.

I learned a lot throughout the past 90+ days and I can’t believe that I’m going to wake up tomorrow and not write another word in this novel. You won’t believe how arduous the past month has been. Those of you who wrote or are writing a novel know what I’m talking about. Once your manuscript nears the end, you feel your head going to explode as you make sure to tie loose ends and resolve the conflict in a smart, yet unpredicted, way.

The draft needs serious work, I know. I will let it rest for a few weeks, however, before I start editing, which is the part I dread the most. I get frustrated editing short stories, so you can only imagine what I will go through editing tens of thousands of words. You may encounter several nagging posts on my part in the near future, so be prepared.

Meanwhile, I will publish some writing tips on my blog, inspired by my experience. I’m no expert; that’s why the advice is free. Happy writing!

35 thoughts on “DONE!”

  1. Congratulations Margaux – you did it – you actually finished! When we start writing, The End seems a million miles away. But once we cross it, it’s surreal – well, it still is for me! You’ve achieved something that a lot of writers set out to do but can’t – finish.

    I’m in the process of a 4th edit on my novel and probably will never stop tinkering with it unless an agent demands I hand it in! I’m on my 3rd editor and think she’s my fairy godmother! She’s been amazing, I’ve learned so much from her and highly recommend her to anyone. What I found most useful was her Skype coaching sessions where she’d share her screen with me and go through my work, line by line, showing me how to make my writing stronger. If you’re interested in seeing what she can do for you:

    Enjoy your rest before editing and novel number 2!

  2. Congrats! That’s huge. Honestly, I dreaded editing but learned I actually quite enjoy the process. Seven times through (including the first draft).

  3. It must feel strange to finish a novel, I’ve never finished one before because I’m just too attached to my characters :’) I can’t wait to read your works someday 🙂 truly inspiring!

  4. Congrats! I may have squeaked out a tear when I finished my first novel… I just couldn’t believe it was finally done!

    So, enjoy the feeling and then get away from it. Don’t think about the novel for as long as it takes to evict the characters from your mind.

    1. Yeah, the editing part will reduce me to tears, I’m sure. Not looking forward to it, but it’s inevitable. At least I get to rest for a while. Thank you for the support. 🙂

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