New Short Story Published


Pleased to announce that my short thriller “Ernest’s Awakening” is published on “5 Stories” literary magazine.

Ernest wakes up in a strange house, next to a strange woman, only to find out that the house is his, and the woman is his wife. Just as he is ready to surrender to his amnesia, a mnemonic incident reveals to Ernest that something more sinister than murder is lurking in his memory.

Purchase your copy for only $1.99:

Waiting for your feedback!

40 thoughts on “New Short Story Published”

  1. Congratulations Margaux! I have put it up on my blog, I hope it’s done the right way… you deserve your rewards with your constant hard work!

    1. Congratulations! You have been chosen to win a copy of the magazine 5Stories with my story Ernest’s Awakening. Please, email me on letter2margaux(at) and I will send you the copy.

      1. You’re welcome! I tweeted it twice, wasn’t sure if I was supposed to tweet the blog post or the issue, so I did both (at least I think I did both). ๐Ÿ™‚

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