Get an Ivy League Education for Free

CaptureYesterday, I learned something interesting. You can now get Ivy League university material for free. MIT, Harvard, Yale and other universities are joining in on this revolutionary effort to provide education for everyone. This is fantastic news for someone like me, who is obsessed with reading and knowledge.

I didn’t hesitate for a second before going on to every website and getting the information about the available courses. MIT offered the most variety of courses, while Yale and Harvard offered some interesting, yet limited, courses. MIT allows you to download course material and study them from home. Yale and Harvard, however, allow you to register in an upcoming course, watch online lectures, and even get a certificate of competence.

Given, completing the undergraduate courses for one specialty or another will not provide you with a degree. In a world where college degrees are overrated and education in underrated, could this move from major universities be a game changer in the job market? My guess is yes. Until we find out the future implications of this revolutionary act, I invite you to expand your knowledge and enjoy some of the available, free, online courses.

MIT Open Courses:


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