Word of the Day — Calorifacient

Wonder-50-Chili-Pepper-Static-ImageYes, calorie is the unit of measurement of energy in our food. I bet you didn’t know there was an adjective for that!

Calorifacient [kuh-lawr-uh-fey-shuhnt] (adj.):

(of foods) producing heat.


The intensity of the calorifacient chili pepper was evident on Sara’s sweaty forehead.

16 thoughts on “Word of the Day — Calorifacient”

  1. I am thoroughly conversant with my dictionary; I already knew the word calorifacient. A simpler adjective related to calory is calorific, though it’s not synonymous with calorifacient.

  2. I remember having to learn the definition of ‘calorie’ in my anatomy and physiology lab but never knew that there was an adjective to match it 🙂

    Now if only I can find my old professor and impress him with a sentence using it…

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