5 Reasons To Start Blogging

My Guest post on drewdog2060drewdog2060: Five Reasons to Start Blogging


I am delighted to host the below guest post by Margaux of Margaux’s Pen, https://margo187.wordpress.com/. I always enjoy reading Margaux’s “word of the day” together with her short stories.

This week I also hoped to be hosting a guest post by Jade Reyner,author of “12 Days the Beginning”. However this will now appear next week due to me requiring assistance to upload the photographs kindly provided by Jade to accompany her post.


Five Reasons to Start Blogging


A little less than a year ago, I started blogging. At first, I was cautious about the new endeavor – posting sparsely, sharing photos like I would on Instagram,

and a few short observational pieces. With time, I started posting more, following more interesting people, reading their post, and interacting with them.

I didn’t realize, until later, however, how much blogging has helped me in my writing journey. So, if…

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