Word of the Day

ImageHere’s a word to live by – especially on those dreaded Mondays.

Insouciant [in-soo-see-uhnt] (adj.):

Careless, indifferent, free from worry or anxiety.


“What a joy does the insouciant pet have,” he thought glancing away from his pile of bills and at his napping puppy.


8 thoughts on “Word of the Day”

  1. I loved this…. and I love the postings on your blog. Speaking of Mondays, why not join for #CreativeMondays to put some creative spark in your week? Once again, beautiful posts!

      1. #Creative Mondays is a Creative Collaborative Space via Social Media and the Timitude Blog that is open to anyone to take time to express their creativity in whichever feels they feel inclined, whether in Photography, Writing, Painting and post on #CreativeMondays. I look forward to seeing your creative posts!. Have a great friday!

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