Published, Again!

ImageI’m pleased to receive this piece of news, after having been writing for hours (yes, my hard work is paying off!) . I was published again, and this time it’s a children’s poem. Pretty paradoxical to my previous thriller, I know! You can read it to your little ones, and even enjoy it yourselves.

Just follow the link : 🙂 🙂

41 thoughts on “Published, Again!”

  1. This poem was great! If my child spoke any english yet (he is only 2, and speaks norwegian) I would read this to him tonight! Perhaps I will find it again once he is a little older 🙂

  2. I don’t see where there is any room for feedback on this one, Margaux, other than great job.
    I think it is a keeper of a poem and you did it right. This one must have taken a little time. Nice job!

  3. You have a good writing style. I like your poem about the tangle web.
    My apologies for taking so long to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will visit again, finding more articles of interest.

  4. I like the way you personified a lie and its surroundings. I imagined this old two-story wooden house, the sunlight coming in, revealing all the dust in the air. Then, the web keeps growing and growing on the ceiling into a maze of sorts. I suppose she couldn’t keep up with all the lies and someone pointed out a fib she told. A happy ending for her to say, “I don’t have to lie anymore.”

    Thank you for including a legitimate message in your work.

  5. Congratulations 🙂 I love your poem! I will read it my young ones (especially the one who is now able to tell fibs). Your poem was beautifully written and I look forward to reading more of your pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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