Agree or Disagree?

I have decided, a long time ago, that it was okay to be selfish – my generosity toward myself will never go unrewarded.


8 thoughts on “Agree or Disagree?”

  1. It’s essential to treat yourself well. Only then do you have the strength to treat others well, which is good for you, too. It may be selfish, technically, but there’s really no true altruism. Thank goodness people want to help others because it makes themselves feel better. It’s a win-win.

  2. Agree. Here is why~ follow your dreams as partners will probably follow theirs, as will children who grow up and go “off” on personal adventures. Then you sit and wonder, what if I had allowed my dreams to become a reality? Look after yourself as really, you are all you have. Be kind along the way to those less fortunate. Offer them a hand up in life.
    PS~ I have always given and now I am hoping that the universe gives back. To. me. lol

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