Word of the Day

ImageThe importance of expanding your vocabulary is as crucial as carrying a surfeit of water while hiking through a desert. So I decided to share with you the new words I’m learning.

Today’s word: Pedantic

1. excessively concerned with minor details or rules. Example: She was a pedantic wedding planner. Approaching 40 and yet to be married, she made sure that every bride got the perfect wedding day.

2. ostentatious in one’s learning. Example: Not to be pedantic, but your grammatical errors are an insult to the English language.


6 thoughts on “Word of the Day”

    1. Surfeit means surplus. I wanted to make it my first word of the day, since it was included in the previous sentence, but then decided against it. There is a substantial number of words that I know the meaning of but forget to use, reading those words removes the cobwebs of my memory 🙂

  1. Ha! Love this word! 😉 Second one is definitely a big describer of myself, and I’m sure 99.9% of the WordPress writing community as well. I do hope you feature more of these words – can’t wait to read them and it’s so much fun to expand my vocabulary through these. 🙂

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