imagesWhat would we attempt to do if we knew we could not fail?

It’s rare for life to give us a sure shot at things. We go out to our usual restaurant and order our favorite meals, knowing that — for sure —ย  they would taste good. We watch our favorite movies, buy our favorite flavor of chips, go to colleges our parents went to, read books recommended by friends, make only guaranteed investments, and follow only secure career paths. We do all that to achieve, or get closer to achieving, the impossible: perfection. We run away from the disappointments in our lives and crawl back to the familiar, to the comfortable, to the stable…

Then, however, we remember the thrill of trying something new.

Would we try something we haven’t tried if we knew exactly how it would feel? Would we experience something we haven’t experienced if we knew its exact outcome? Would we join a competition we are sure to win? Would we play a game if we knew the end score? Would we argue if we knew we were right? No. Though, even if we would we wouldn’t try as hard.

So again, what would we attempt to do if we knew we could not fail? The answer is nothing. For, fear, though paralyzing, gives a trophy its worth and makes life that much more enticing.



13 thoughts on “Fear”

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  3. Great post. I got a fortune cookie once that said “Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment.” That fortune is still on my bulletin board. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I let it be, fear is definitely my biggest block to progress and new experiences.

  4. Very interesting, this really gets me thinking. For me it’s not fear but perfection that holds me back, if I can’t do something absolutely perfect than why try?

  5. Knowing the inner fears and talking about them intellectually, is one thing. Facing fears is entirely a different experience which we are afraid of itself. So, it remains there and we rarely experience the taste of going beyond the enemy (fear) line.

  6. I learned an acronym decades ago that is one of the few things to have stayed with me and grown from that period in my life:

    F.E.A.R. : False Evidence Appearing Real

    There are authentic moments of fear (that is a really big tiger running at me) and then there are all these moments we create by imagining the worst outcome. These are the majority of “fears” that we experience.

    Thanks for reminding folks to get out and look for the authentic experiences rather than hide within false evidence.

    Namaste _/|\_

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