What About Gatsby


A young man Jimmy Gatz falls in love with Daisy, a woman way out of his social league. After he goes to the army and briefly oxford university he discovers that she got married to Tom, a very rich man. Gatz changes his name to Jay Gatsby, travels the world and gains enormous wealth. He throws huge parties at his house every night and invites a lot of people hoping amongst them would be Daisy, but she never is.

Nick, Daisy’s relative, moves int New York City to work. He meets Daisy and her husband and mentions that his neighbor is Gatsby. Gatsby realizes that Nick is Daisy’s cousin and tries to persuade him into inviting him and her to his house on an afternoon. Nick manages that and the love story between Gatsby and Daisy comes back to life. One day, Tom – who was also having an affair – has Gatsby and Nick over to his house. He senses the sexual tension between Daisy and Gatsby. Tom suggests they go out to town. Tom takes Gatsby’s car and Gatsby Tom’s. Tom stops at a friend garage to fill his gas tank. A woman sees him – his mistress,his friend’s wife – in Gatsby’s car with Nick and Jordan whom she thinks to be Daisy.

They rent a small room in a motel and sit all of Tom, Daisy, Gatsby, Nick and Jordan – who was Nick’s love interest. Tom starts to attack Gatsby on how he made his wealth; that’s when Gatsby told him that he loved Daisy and she loved him back. He told Tom that she never loved him and that her heart was always with him. Upon the consecutive insults and accusations pointed at Gatsby he decides to leave, Tom never minds Daisy going with him.

Tom stays with Nick and Jordan and have some drinks. As he goes back he finds a terrible accident. It was his mistress chattered to pieces. An eye witness said that she was trying to stop a car, the witness describes the car Tom was in earlier, Gatsby’s car. Instead the car ran her over and never stopped. Tom tells his friend about Gatsby. The Man goes to Gatsby’s mansion and kills him. Little did he know that Daisy was the one driving the car that night. No one comes to Gatsby’s funeral, Daisy doesn’t even respond to her cousin Nick as he calls her several times. She leaves town with Tom. Daisy turned her back on Gatsby like her feelings never existed. Nick goes back to his town leaving behind the memory of his friend Gatsby.

The story depicts the rough relationship between different social classes in the 1920’s. The rich get richer as the poor get poorer. The outsider will remain an outcast in spite of the money he earns. At the time of need even the people who one thought are the closest will leave. Every one wants to party with you but no one would put a rose on your grave, not even the person who you spend most of your life trying to win the heart of. When it comes to choices it’s better be safe than sorry, that was why Daisy chose to evict herself and skip town even though Gatsby would have never put her in a compromising position as he took the blame himself. The ending is tragic for Gatsby yet it’s very realistic. At the time when most stories promoted the ‘Love Conquers All’ theory The Great Gatsby was ahead of its time obviously that was why it was much underrated until today.

I personally thought it to be a lovely read. Hope this was helpful for someone who hasn’t read the book or seen the movie.



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